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Getting fit (aka slim, within the correct BMI band & active) isn’t easy. OK. Actually, it is. I will talk about it from my perspective because we are all individuals and every one of us is different… height, build, age, metabolism, lifestyle, etc. So I will present my perspective and deliberately use the word “I” a lot to make sure that it's just me, a single anecdote and my experiences may be very different to yours…

  • I know how to lose weight. I have been a yo-yo dieter for many years. Twelve kilos on, twelve off, on, off… etc.
  • When everything is going fine I don't worry. But when the serious health problems arise then it is my call to action.
  • (Luckily) I know I can lose weight. Even it seems the point of no return has been passed I know it is possible. I have absolute faith in my ability to lose those kilos.
  • I count calories consumed. And I count calories burnt. Making sure there is a deficit. I understand the calculations. I'm realistic. Nothing new here. This is the basis for most if not all diet-plans and diet-plan marketing.
  • I don’t know it all. I still need some help. I use tools to help me. Cronometer for nutrition and calorie counting. And Fitbit and Strava for counting calories burnt by general activity (walking and moving around), cycling and running. Read this section to see how I use these tools.
  • Vegan, whole food, plant based, low-to-no oil dieting helps… but keep an eye on those macro and micronutrients.

Why make the change?

A fat man holding vegetables.

Abscisic acid plant hormone countering the effects of fatty diet

Another report confirming our suspicions about about the benefits of eating vegetables. This time it is thanks to the plant hormone abscisic acid.
A picuture of a very slim lady.

After eight children she looks stunning looking stunning – raw vegan...

From nasty medication with bad side-effects, this mother of eight claims taking up a raw vegan diet has transformed her life.
Healthy food.

Going VEGAN can prevent overweight adults from falling victim to diabetes,...

Hidden within this article are those words that plant-based followers are almost certain to pick up on: "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine". Yes, the...
A picture of the psoriasis skin disease.

Vegan diet helps psoriasis

Can a vegan, gluten-free, low alcohol diet bring psoriasis under control? Whilst there are many claims that a vegan diet can cure acne, it is rare to see similar claims made for psoriasis.
A picture of ice cream.

Ice cream and red meat diet caused a near-fatal heart attack...

A miracle story by Kayla Brantley in the MailOnline. Well, those plant-based folk, the followers of Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Barnard, McDougall, Greger, Klaper etc. will be...
A picture of Sophia Ellis, vegan weigh lifter.

Sophia Ellis – from Anorexic to Powerlifter – doing vegan the...

This story from the Health section of the Daily Mail Online caught my eye. A girl who went from being an anorexic to a...


Plant-Based Vegan FAQ


Classic books

1. The China Study: Revised and Expanded Edition: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss,...
Picture of Dr. Greger.

A quick guide to the Plant Based Pioneers

This is a list of the plant-based doctors and medical professionals who have helped shape the plant-based vegan movement. From Colin Campbell of "The China Study" fame, through to Dr. Neal Barnard and his Cheese Trap, Dr. Greger and his How Not to Die theme - these are the prime-movers in the plant-based world.
A picture of Healthy Recipes on a laptop.

Top (mainly) Oil-Free, Vegan, Plant-Based Online Recipe Websites

A great list of (mainly) oil-free, vegan, plant-based recipe websites! There is something here for everybody. From the simple, quick, "after-work" dish through to the exquisite and elaborate, "for guests". Great websites that help us to go vegan stay vegan - easy!
Picture of vegan gift.

Gifts for Vegans

I have been vegan for a while now, and this is a list of things I would be delighted to receive as a presents. I like good quality kit, stuff that doesn't break after a couple of washes in the dishwasher etc. Pay a bit more and use for years.

Plant-Based Vegan Blog

Dairy Industry does a Ratner

Picture of toy cow representing Ratners.
In 1991 Gerald Ratner, the chief executive of a chain of jewelers, commented: "We also do cut-glass sherry decanters complete with six glasses on a...

My vegan WFPB diet fails

Picture of pills and a thermometer.
Not certain how long I have been vegan whole food plant based (oil free). I think it was around September / October 2017 that I made the switch from unhealthy vegetarian. And all had been going well - up to now. My weight dropped rapidly, I came off blood pressure medication, joint pain improved drastically - together with a whole host of other health benefits. And energy levels increased, I was shifting far more work & play in a day. I was living the plant based dream! And then it all seemed to fall to pieces.

Is ‘kin Durianrider ‘kin right about ‘kin ethical ‘kin activist kin’...

Picture of fruit bike.
Durianrider makes the point that activist vegans are good but that lead by example vegans who are more relaxed about their vega-ness are more effective and inspirational. He does have a valid point perhaps.

Dr. Jude Capper’s Great Februdairy Fail

Picture of spilled milk.
Veganuary was always going to be a tough act to follow. With an army of first time vegans, vegetarian to vegan switch-overs and accompanied by a mass of self-sustaining advertising from the vegan community, the mainstream press and the big supermarkets Veganuary enjoyed huge monementum.  Against that backdrop Dr. Jude Capper, the champion of the dairy and meat industry, decided to counter Veganuary with her "Februdairy" response. Somehow driven by Twitter, Dr. Capper tried to fight every perceived "myth" from the vegan movement with five positive pieces of news.

Long live Dr. Judith “Jude” Capper!

Dr. Judith "Jude" Capper champions the dairy and meat industry cause. Vegans are nasty villains. Dastardly. They say nasty things. And Dr. Capper hangs out on Twitter to harvest their fury. And jump to the moral high ground. Where she does try to get involved in cool rational debate it all goes badly wrong. But it does make for entertaining reading. She lectures to: farmers. Who probably believe her ("confirmation bias" I suspect our unfortunate Sustainability Specialist (or whatever it is) would tell us). It is imperative to visit her website and witness for yourselves her strange twisted arguments. Here I randomly highlight a few. Let us hope the meat and dairy industry continue to fund Dr. Jude Capper. With Youtube views running into the ..... hundreds.... she is well placed to lock horns with the world's super-vegans. Surely?

Dr Judith Capper admits the dairy industry to die within 5...

Photo of cows being milked.
So the dairy industry will be dead within 5 to 10 years? This article shows the how the milk industry is trying to fight back at the vegan message. It wants to put out five positive messages to counter every vegan argument. Ironically, the article fails to mention one single convincing argument for dairy other than milk "is natural". Well so is asbestos... It's good to see this cruel and unnecessary industry up against the ropes.

Vegans support the meat and dairy industries. Beware!

A picture of vegan plant based Alpro milks.
For many vegans, this will not come as a surprise. Given recent high profile takeovers of vegan food producers by their meat and dairy counterparts, most will at least suspect what is going on. But vegans must be more aware of the main players in the food industry. And if their favourite brands are taken over by a meat and dairy sponsor, a boycott might be an appropriate response.

Why the non-ethical vegan argument might be best

Picture of dead animals hanging in slaugherhouse.
Ethically driven vegans tend to look down on others who are into veganism for health benefits. Personally, I’m vegan for a whole host of...

Oil-free. The road to health Nirvana?

Picture of woman meditating.
Oil-free! No oil! I think back to those lectures by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn … “NO OIL!!!” Dr. Esselstyn treats patients with severe, imminently life threatening,...

Unexpected benefits of going plant-based vegan

Picture denoting SUCCESS.
As always, this comes with a huge disclaimer attached. There are so many people who go vegan and find after a couple of months...

Swiss Vegan Blog

A picture of Kombucha fermented tea drink.

Finding Kombucha in Switzerland

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is supposed to have some useful health benefits. I am looking to find a good brew in Switzerland.

Vegan Industry News

Meat shelves.

The line between real and fake meat is beginning to blur

Should fake-meat run head-to-head on the standard supermarket meat shelves?
Hungry Jacks.

Australian Hungry Jacks (Burger King down under) gets a Vegan Burger!

Finally Hungry Jacks gets its very own vegan burger. Following on from McDonalds' runaway Scandinavian McVegan success?
A picture of wine and fruits.

Wine spills onto the Vegan bandwagon in Veganuary 2018

It's 2018. It's Dry January for many (no alcohol). And in the UK at least it's Veganuary! One month of vegan nourishment. Wine is now...
Picture of a poultry factory farm.

Israeli clean meat firm SuperMeat raises $3 million

Israeli clean meat firm SuperMeat has announced it is raising $3 million in seed funding to develop its "clean meat" products. "Clean meat" is...
Picture of a Big Mac burger.

The McVegan stays on the menu in Scandinavia, soon to be rolled out in...

The McVegan, a competitively priced vegan alternative to the traditional McDonalds burger proved a success in Finland. By all accounts, much more so than...