Bio You Smoothie frozen fruit at Migros


It’s winter in Switzerland, fruit is scarce, and the quality of fresh imported produce is generally poor. Pale, flavourless strawberries, soft mouldy blueberries… not good. So I tend to turn to frozen organic fruit. Usually at Migros I simply buy those Alnatura boxes or frozen bags at Coop. Selecting whether to go for raspberries or blueberries today at Migros, I happened to notice some fruit “Smoothie” mixes well hidden at the bottom of the freezer rack. It looked gimmicky and I suspected not just fruit, but sugar and extra additives… but I was wrong!

The ingredients showed not just that the contents were 100% pure fruit, but (and it was well hidden) the Migros Bio (Organic) logo was also present. Hidden? Well, it does seem in direct competion with other Migros products… and at a lower price too. Once again an example of Migros stocking multiple articles of same or similar quality but with different prices.

Of course, they may want to market it as a smoothie mix… but it’s just fruit and goes well in my porridge etc. etc. too 🙂 It’s brand (is it a brand?) is You with the title Smoothie – and it comes in different colours – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. 500g bags containing two 250g portions. At good prices.

Check it out here.

Edit: on closer inspection it appears only the Blue and the Green variants are Organic/Bio.