British “newspaper” the Daily Mail continues its anti-vegan campaign: Waitrose

Once upon a time the Daily Mail was a newspaper. It actually carried news. These days it tends to pick up on tenuous social media sites and spins some click bait to bring in the clicks. Perhaps there is no money left in real news any more?

But anyway… one way to get clicks is to draw upon the average Daily Mail reader’s hatred of vegans and all things vegan. Lets take a look at the click bait title:

“Now militant vegans target Waitrose: Stunned shoppers watch as demonstrators form human chain around turkey aisle in Brighton store and carry flowers for the dead animals on sale”

Let’s analyse:;

Now militant vegans…” oh no! what are they doing now???

militant“… standing around in a supermarket holding a placard is hardly militant. What can be said though is they do actually get out of their armchairs and actually do something other than post venom on social media. That is “progressive”.

Stunned shoppers…” well not really stunned. Just looking and saying… ah… some folk protesting… I’ll come back later.

flowers for the dead animals on sale…” this is the icing on the cake for most Daily Mail readers… before reaching this part they are most likely frothing at the mouth and already offering up their most valuable opinions on nutrition, veganism, students, the general degenerate state of society… etc.

The Daily Mail is guaranteed clicks… just look at the Comments section.

Believe it or not, this “news” happily remains headlines for a few days… be sure to give the Daily Mail a bit more traffic and read the story below…

To balance things up a bit… whilst there is a place for active protest, this is probably the wrong way to do it. In my estimation it is more likely to drive people away from veganism and to validate existing anti-vegan views and stereotypes.