Cheap Alnatura Soya Milk Drink disappears from Migros

Over the last few weeks the good and cheap “Alnatura Organic Soya Mild Drink alternative to cow milk has been disappearing from the shelves of Swiss Migros supermarkets. At least in and around Zurich. Shelf price labels have disappeared. And other plant-based milks are appearing. Cashew, almond and coconut. Of course, all at double the price. There are still a couple of Alnatura soya milks available: with added calcium or vanilla flavour. And again… all at a premium price.

Standard, pure, no additives soya is still available in the form of Migros own Bio label. Of course… at a higher price point.

Picture of Lidl sign.The old Alnatura basic soya milk undercut Organic cow milk by a few cents. It was really good. All Organic plant-based milks at the Migro shops I visit at least, are now more expensive than the Organic animal alternative. Without philosophising too much about the Migros’ motives for the change, I set about finding alternatives. Luckily Lidl occasionally carries an Organic soya milk at a price lower than the old Migros Alnatura version. And it tastes really good too! Whenever I spot it on the Lidl shelves I stock up in bulk…