Dr Judith Capper admits the dairy industry to die within 5 to 10 years

The The Scottish Farmer reports in its unfortunate article “Dairy must stand against the vegan tide” that Dr Judith Capper a “a livestock sustainability consultant” thinks that the vegan revolution will kill off the dairy industry within 5 to 10 years.

They quoted her as saying:

“But this is not getting way from the fact that they have very loud voices, very vocal and keen to put their message over. There is a need in the dairy sector for some myth-busting. If consumers don’t buy our products – milk, cream, butter, cheese etc – we will not have a dairy industry in five to 10 years.”

Let us hope that Dr Judith Capper is right! For the “vegan tide” is not showing any signs of receding – and it is showing every sign of becoming a tsunami!