Dr. Jude Capper’s Great Februdairy Fail

Veganuary was always going to be a tough act to follow. With an army of first time vegans, vegetarian to vegan switch-overs and accompanied by a mass of self-sustaining advertising from the vegan community, the mainstream press and the big supermarkets Veganuary enjoyed huge monementum.

Against that backdrop Dr. Jude Capper, the champion of the dairy and meat industry, decided to counter Veganuary with her “Februdairy” response. Somehow driven by Twitter, Dr. Capper tried to fight every perceived “myth” from the vegan movement with five positive pieces of news.

Personally I was looking forward to this. Criticism is always useful in keeping balance and and instilling common sense. I hoped to see a few good arguments from the Februdairy campaign.

Unfortunately, the bizarre collection of naive tweets from Dr. Capper failed to live up to expectations. For someone who always likes to point out the aggressive nature of vegans, it was mildly amusing but also a bit worrying to see her busy “liking” tweets about shooting vegans. Indeed this seemed to form the backbone of Dr. Capper’s poorly thought out campaign: incite vegans via twitter and take to the moral high ground.

Others have picked up on the Februdairy Fail. Mic the Vegan on Youtube released a nice video today homing in on the obsession with “militant vegan activists” – Threats by Militant Vegans, FebruDairy FAIL, Etc.. I guess with so few arguments to support the meat and dairy industry in modern times, this is the only possible route to take when defending the indefensible. Others have also been quick to point out just how badly Februdairy has failed: see OneGreenPlanet or PlantBasedNews for the background politics.

I am still enjoying the Februdairy campaign though. It is unique. We only have this opportunity to enjoy the comedy because the chances of a Februdairy event next year in 2019 are very low.