Ice cream and red meat diet caused a near-fatal heart attack – but now OFF medication after going plant-based vegan

A miracle story by Kayla Brantley in the MailOnline.

Well, those plant-based folk, the followers of Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Barnard, McDougall, Greger, Klaper etc. will be very surprised about this [irony]. Told by doctors to take the medicine for the rest of his life, switches to a plant-based vegan diet, and… off the meds.

Good to see this type of article appearing ever more frequently. Would have been good to find out where he got his inspiration from, instead of the vague reference to a “plant-based book”.

It’s interesting to note how Doug found the plant-based diet extreme and thus went for a policy of moderation at first… and then accelarated to that “extreme” regime after another health episode. I am reminded about what McDougall etc. preach about moderation… and how people “can’t do moderation”.