Finding Kombucha in Switzerland

I had heard about Kombucha on various Youtube channels. Lots of health benefits supposedly. Normally I’m not into tea, so I certainly didn’t rush to try this out, but one day, in my local health food shop I saw a few bottles of the miracle drink next to the checkout. The price was extortionate – 2.90 chf for 330ml. I bought one nevertheless.

I kind of liked the flavour. So I decided to buy a few more… and then disappointment. On the label were the words “pasteurised product”. Further research confirmed my suspicions. Pasteurisation of Kombucha tends to eliminate most of the health benefits. Obviously it’s good for the manufacturer. Pasteurisation kills off any further fermentation and makes the product stable and “predictable”.

So I searched further… Nycha is a Swiss brand that I am currently looking for. According to the label it is not pasteurised. Will update once the product has been located, bought and tested!