Gifts for Vegans

Looking for something interesting for a Vegan? Here is a list of some useful and unusual ideas.

1. A Skimmer.

It’s simply a shallow ladle with holes in it. Made out of metal of course so there’s no leeching of any chemicals from any nasty plastic. This is from WMF and I have one myself. It is dishwasher safe and it is a great piece of kit when it comes to spooning out vegetables and beans from the pot. Makes life just a little easier. I use it just about everytime I cook.

2. Sprouting Jars

The Rolls Royce of the sprouting jar world. There are from Eschenfelder and this is the 3 jar 1 litre / 35oz set. Most Vegans and certainly almost all plant-based folk are going to at least dabble in sprouting their own beans at some point in time. Personally I always have something sprouting at any given time.

These are no good for sprouting seeds. They are for chunkier beans, chickpeas, soy beans, black beans etc. The quality is good. No plastics. The lids don’t rust. It makes rinsing the beans so easy and increases the chances of a successful sprout! The drip-tray keeps shelves and worksurfaces clean.

3. Pressure Cooker

Medium Size

This size is just right for half a kilo of most dried beans. Personally I wouldn’t go much smaller than this when cooking beans (and let’s face it, for many vegans this is what the pressure is going to be spending most of its time cooking). They need space to expand, and it’s generally recommended not to over-fill with water.

Large Size – for bigger batches.

Personally, I get by with the medium size, but sometimes wish I had a slightly bigger pot for cooking monster batches.

4. High-tech Indoor Herb Garden

For the vegan that has everything… a high-tech Indoor Herb Garden. An amazing device with lighting control, and reminders for watering. This is the 9 pod version. Nice! Herbs all year round.

5. And a low-tech Herb Garden

And here is a low-tech organic herb growing kit. It’s in a different price bracket to the one above, but it will get the job nicely.

6. THE essential vitamin – Solgar Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin

Arguably, Vitamin B12 is the only supplement a vegan on a healthy vegan diet needs. Absorbing the vitamin is a personal thing. The methylcobalamin varient of B12 is usually considered the easiest type to absorb for most people. Yes, some require injections, for others, other types may be appropriate. But, for the majoriy, this variant is likely to be suitable. It is more expensive than the common cyancobalamin version which requires an extra processing step for the body to use it (a step that is impossible for some people).

As a vegan who supplements with Vitamin B12 – I would be very happy to receive a quality branded supply of methylcobalamin B12.