Israeli clean meat firm SuperMeat raises $3 million

Israeli clean meat firm SuperMeat has announced it is raising $3 million in seed funding to develop its “clean meat” products. “Clean meat” is laboratory grown meat which does not cause suffering to animals and has the potential to provide meat with a fraction of the current environmental impact caused by traditional farming methods.

Of particular interest is the strategic partnership between SuperMeat and the traditional poultry industry giant PHW. Once again an example of how traditional meat and dairy companies are investing in vegan and ethical meat and dairy alternatives.

In its press release, SuperMeat says:

“SuperMeat’s clean meat is produced by growing cells that have been painlessly extracted from a chicken. The cells are then grown in conditions that allow them to thrive, forming high-quality chicken cuts. This process puts an end to the industrial need to mass produce animals for slaughter, while eliminating exposure to animal waste and food-borne illnesses; the potential benefits for public health and animal welfare are therefore considerable. At the same time, clean meat is also highly beneficial for the environment, with drastically reduced carbon and ecological footprints compared to current meat production methods. According to research conducted by Oxford and Amsterdam Universities, switching to clean meat will allow a reduction of up to 98% in greenhouse gas emissions, 99% in land exploitation, and up to 96% in water usage.”

Visit the SuperMeat website here.