Junk food – as harmful as a life-threatening disease?

The title is alarmist and doesn’t fail to grab the reader’s attention judging by the number of comments:

“Junk food is as harmful to your body as a life-threatening DISEASE, study claims”

It’s not vegan per se, and veganism is not explicitly mentioned. But it’s one of those stories most plant-based disciples will nod their heads to knowingly. After reading Esselstyn, McDougall, Barnard, Greger etc., the word inflammation in conjuction with those oily and animal-based foods will simply confirm suspicions once again. Just one more scientific study confirming what many plant-based advocates have been saying for years.

Yes, Jaleesa Baulkman reports on research from a team at the University of Bonn which suggests that immune cells become more aggressive due to the consumption of junk food – increasing the risk of all those top killer diseases.

However, here is the gratuitous phrase mentioned in the article (but not elaborated upon): “these effects can last long after a switch to a healthier diet of fruit and vegetables [editor’s bold]

So there is an implicit link to plant-based. And its benefits. Suspicions indeed confirmed…