Is ‘kin Durianrider ‘kin right about ‘kin ethical ‘kin activist kin’ vegans? Wtf?

Picture of fruit bike.

Durianrider could have saved at least ten minutes and cut the video down to about two minutes. Because the rant becomes kind of repetitive. Just by cutting out the expletives could have delivered the time savings.

Activist vegans! Complaining about McDonalds doing vegan food! Dominos doing vegan pizzas! Activists staging videos in the shopping centre showing cruelty to animals in the meat industry.

All for minimal effect? Attracting quick converts who rapidly go back to their old omnivorous habits?

I am actually quite sympathetic to Durianrider on this. That lead by example aspect is so important in society. Vegans are best seen as role models rather than weedy complainers and preachers. People are so focused on their health. We may be compassionate beings but so many of us are at heart self-centred, ego-centric. Seeing that person on a vegan diet doing that 50km round trip by bike into work each day is impressive. Seeing the fat guy in the office shed kilos and take a promotion is inspiring.

If being vegan is seen as the edge, others will follow.

So yes, up to a point I agree. Especially with the whole food plant based vegan approach increasingly hitting the news for all sorts of health promoting reasons. And with many areas of the developed world having aging populations, health is likely to be one of the drivers. The non-ethical vegan side is a whole untapped side of vegan potential, it has to offer real growth to the vegan movement as a whole. And at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if people go vegan due to ethics or health.

Take a look at Harley’s “How To Be The Greatest Vegan Activist That Ever Lived” below: