The McVegan stays on the menu in Scandinavia, soon to be rolled out in the UK?

Picture of a Big Mac burger.

The McVegan, a competitively priced vegan alternative to the traditional McDonalds burger proved a success in Finland. By all accounts, much more so than expected. Many reports during autumn 2017 alluded to the popularity of the product. Now McDonalds has announced the McVegan will stay permanently in Finland and Sweden.

Following the success in Scandinavia, there are rumours that the McVegan will be introduced elsewhere – perhaps to the UK with its estimated half million vegan population.

All in all: just one more indication how plant-based revolution is “dictating policy” to big corporations. Many vegans may not be keen to walk into a McDonalds for a variety of ethical reasons. However, most would agree that the McVegan is an important step in the right direction.