Why obese people can’t lose weight – the perfect contradiction!

Looking at the comments section below the article, many spot the obvious – it’s an article giving obese people an excuse… yes, their fat makes it harder to lose weight. And yes, as the plant-based movement has been telling us for years, that fat puts people at risk from a host of serious diseases. But it’s a vicious circle – the fat builds, and everything becomes more difficult. It’s difficult to shed that fat.

Here is the call to read the article:

“Why the obese may struggle to lose weight if they diet: Fat cells can become scarred or inflamed making them harder to shed”

Ok. But let’s look at the contradictions.

“Scientists have discovered why people who are obese may struggle to lose weight no matter how hard they diet.”

But wait a moment… actually all is fine after all:

“Until a drug is developed, the key to losing weight for people in this situation is old-fashioned diet and exercise.”

It is implied that an old fashioned diet will work! Amazing! And just as a bonus, it looks like Big Pharma will have the pleasure of developing a new drug to cure their weight-loss problem (which doesn’t actually exist).

You can find the article by Victoria Allen here.