Oil-free. The road to health Nirvana?

Oil-free! No oil! I think back to those lectures by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn [hammering on the table]… “NO OIL!!!”

Dr. Esselstyn treats patients with severe, imminently life threatening, cardiovascular diseases. We are not all in that category. Arguably, and this is often a point made by the other Oil-Free plant based advocates, we will all get to the chronically ill state of Dr. Esselstyn’s patients if we don’t change our ways and cut out the oil.

Personally, I think it’s too early to come to any such radical conclusions. We are all different. Oil in moderation perhaps (okay, point taken, nobody does “moderation” these day)? Healthy oils perhaps (do these exist)? However, I find for weight loss alone just cutting out all food with added oil a fantastic tool. And, just like lowering salt intake, it has contributed massively to my appreciation of natural whole foods. The type of foods consensus opinion and plain common sense tells us we should be eating – fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries. How does this work? Because it helps re-set the taste buds. Food that usually tasted bland without frying or bathing in oil (or saturating in salt) suddenly tastes vibrant and exciting instead. Does health have a flavour? By removing oil and reducing salt, yes!

The great thing (and the worst if you haven’t transitioned yet) is that: our access to all junk food, all unhealthy foods, is completely blocked if we reject oil. After strolling around any supermarket, randomly picking up food articles and looking at the ingredients, it rapidly becomes apparent:

  • These shelf-life enhancers are present in almost all processed food and
  • All junk food contains the stuff, and that brings with it many other nasties as well E numbers, flavourings, etc.

Therefore, by going oil-free, we are redirected away from processed food right back to the basic ingredients. We save days and weeks of our lives by not having to read ingredients labels. Previously it was necessary to go through the ingredients listing to check if the food was vegetarian or vegan perhaps. But with an “oil-free attitude”, if the ingredients has more than three or four items – you can bet it can be put straight back on the supermarket shelf!

And by cutting out all of those processed foods containing oil, the calorie savings are huge. My weight loss diet is really benefiting. Will I stay oil-free after attaining my ideal weight? I’m not certain. But then it might be difficult to give up those new, amazing flavours, I have been “forced” to exist on.  😛