Sunday, June 13, 2021

Quick Guide to the Plant-Based Pioneers

This is a list of top dietary health professionals involved in the wholefood plant-based movement. It includes some of the most influential and vocal plant based doctors who have a strong media presence. These can be followed in Youtube and other social media sites.

Obviously there are many others. Those listed here have been chosen because of their iconic status in the wholefood plant-based world and because of their dedication to getting their message out to the world via social media.

Vegan Industry News

Meat shelves.

The line between real and fake meat is beginning to blur

Should fake-meat run head-to-head on the standard supermarket meat shelves?
Hungry Jacks.

Australian Hungry Jacks (Burger King down under) gets a Vegan Burger!

Finally Hungry Jacks gets its very own vegan burger. Following on from McDonalds' runaway Scandinavian McVegan success?
A picture of wine and fruits.

Wine spills onto the Vegan bandwagon in Veganuary 2018

It's 2018. It's Dry January for many (no alcohol). And in the UK at least it's Veganuary! One month of vegan nourishment. Wine is now...
Picture of a poultry factory farm.

Israeli clean meat firm SuperMeat raises $3 million

Israeli clean meat firm SuperMeat has announced it is raising $3 million in seed funding to develop its "clean meat" products. "Clean meat" is...
Picture of a Big Mac burger.

The McVegan stays on the menu in Scandinavia, soon to be rolled out in...

The McVegan, a competitively priced vegan alternative to the traditional McDonalds burger proved a success in Finland. By all accounts, much more so than...