A quick guide to the Plant Based Pioneers

1. T. Colin Campbell PhD

In recent years it is Colin Campbell’s work and his resultant book The China Study that has really launched the whole plant-based movement. The conclusion, after researching diet in a large number of Chinese counties over a period of 20 years shows that those on a predominantly plant based diet avoid many of the diseases of a Western Diet.

  • Has propelled the health benefits of the plant-based diet into the lime light
  • Has helped provide inspiration to many other plant based doctors and researchers

2. John A. McDougall M.D

A main driver in the plant based movement.

  • Diet allows inclusion low levels of salt
  • Oil-free
  • Warns against high protein even from some vegetable sources
  • Tends to argue that nuts, seeds, avocados should be kept to a minimum
  • Maveric ideas about the causes and treatment of diebetes
  • Unconventional ideas about usage of early detection methods of cancer and cancer treatment
  • Against fasting
  • The ultimate “starchivore”

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3. Neal Barnard M.D.

Barnard explains why and how people get addicted to the wrong foods and how the food industry cashes in on such addictions.

  • Addictive properties of cheese: casomorphines
  • Cow milk is the wrong milk for the human species e.g. perfect for calves, bad for babies
  • Promotes oil-free, salt-free and sugar-free eating
  • Politically active in terms of influencing dietary advice given by government agencies
  • Is not averse to mixing the health message with the ethical message (cruelty to animals, impact on environment due to the meat and dairy industries)

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4. Michael Greger M.D.

Greger is the researcher. An information aggregator busy assessing thousands of medical research papers… so you don’t have to (as he typically reminds his audiences as he commences his How not to Die lectures).

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5. Alan Goldhamer D.C.

Goldhamer is interesting because he includes water fasting as part of his therapies. Like Barnard he emphasises the addiction aspect of the Western Diet.

  • SOS (salt, oil, sugar free)
  • Promotes Water fasting

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6. Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Fuhrman takes a slighly different approach compared to most of the other plant based advocates. He shifts the focus from macro to micro.

  • Takes the discussion away from the macro nutrients (starch, protein and fat) which most tend to focus on and concentrates on micro-nutrients
  • Less concerned about the headline aspects of any foods e.g. protein content – there may be trace elements of nutrients in a food which are just as important
  • Illustrates his ideas with the food pyramid
  • Encapsulates his philosophy in a simple equation
  • After studying the other plant based doctors, Fuhrman offers a refreshing change of perspective

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7. Caldwell Esselstyn M.D.

Aka – Dr. No Oil !!! Listen to some of his lectures and that will immediately become apparent.

Dr. Caldwell considers diet (a plant based nutrition program) to be an aggressive therapy for heart disease. He is keen to point out the evidence that diet can reverse heart disease. The proof is the before and after coronary angiograms which show just how his program can reverse the disease. Dr. Caldwell focuses on:

  • NO OIL !!!
  • Damage to endothelium (inner lining of arteries) due to oil
  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Reversal of heart disease
  • Attitude of patient – positive enough to accept the diet and then the ease at which it can be maintained as the benefits appear

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8. Dr. Michael Klaper M.D.

With the war-cry of “IT’S THE FOOD!!!”, Dr. Klaper once again reminds the human race that what it shovels into its collective face is not without consquences. If you are new to plant-based veganism and want to learn more, it’s well worth tuning into some of Dr. Klaper’s Youtube lectures and interviews. With around four decades in the medical “industry” he has a wealth of experience in the injuries man inflicts on fellow man as well as the torture bestowed on our fellow animals on planet earth.

His philosophy is pure and convincing. Why go vegan? Health? Animal welfare? Of course! But the main reason – to save the planet for our children’s sake!