Sophia Ellis – from Anorexic to Powerlifter – doing vegan the right way?

A picture of Sophia Ellis, vegan weigh lifter.

This story from the Health section of the Daily Mail Online caught my eye. A girl who went from being an anorexic to a weight lifter – on a vegan diet. Trying to read between the lines of the story, it seems as though Sophia went from being an unhealthy vegan (in the sense of not getting enough calories – tending anorexic) to healthy vegan.

Sophia attributes the support of the vegan community to her recovery. To me, it illustrates how any diet should be researched thoroughly before being taken up with enthusiasm. To those who criticise a vegan diet for being unhealthy – yes, they are right. Vegan can be done wrong, just as any other diet can be done badly. And those who say all vegans are weedy and weak… no… done right, as many other athletes are finding, it’s a viable,  even optimal, diet.

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