Tools for losing weight and getting fit

The tools are:

  1. – use for counting calories and with the help of other applications and tools, log the offsetting calories burned.
  2. – use for calories burned whilst walking around.
  3. – use for logging calories burned whilst cycling, running, and other strenuous activities.

I use Cronometer for logging calories consumed. Because other applications give the offsetting calories burned I override the default activity setting and use my base BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is the number of calories used to simply exist and keep the body going in a resting state. As if I’m lying in bed or on the sofa – 24 hours a day. Without shopping, cooking, working etc.

The other applications are linked to the Cronometer account.

My Fitbit One device syncs to the standard Android application via bluetooth. It syncs with my account from time to time.

My Strava activities show more strenuous activities: jogging, running and cycling. Again Cronometer is linked to my Strava account. As I finish activities logged by Strava they are automatically imported by Cronometer to give the number of calories burned.