Top (mainly) Oil-Free, Vegan, Plant-Based Online Recipe Websites

1. Chuck Underwood’s “Brand New Vegan” blog

A long-standing classic vegan site and a genuine favourite. The recipes are inspired by the work of the Plant-Based Masters: Doctors Esselstyn, Barnard and McDougall. So you know they will be all oil-free and optimised for health. Take time to visit Brand New Vegan – or jump straight to the recipes here.

2. Cathy Fisher’s “Straight Up Food” blog

Cathy was inspired by,  and now works with, the drivers of the Plant-Based movement. At the time of writing, she is a culinary instructor for the McDougall Program and TrueNorth Health. Cathy has written a book, the Straight Up Food cookbook which helps her students on the Plant-Based path. She also maintains the Straight Up Food blog where you can find a variety of oil-free vegan recipes.

3. Nele Liivlaid’s “Nutriplanet”

This is the logical choice when looking for something a bit different. It’s a fantastic website, good photography, simple to navigate, a plain list of category tags takes you straight to what you are interested in. Nice!  😀

Taking inspiration from The China Study, Nele is another Plant-Based disciple and holds a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell. There are a few interesting features here:

  • Nele’s Candida Cleanse diet
  • Cleansing elixirs
  • A section on Yoga

Take a look in, it is well worth it!

4. Anja Cass’s “Cooking with Plants”

This is a down-to-earth website. Anyone on the weight loss trail should go straight to Anja’s before-and-after pictures. Fifty pounds lighter after bumping in to the China Study! Packed with recipes and ideas…  😛

Hint! ➡  Youtube based. Enjoy! Anja has a huge following! Check into her Channel and lose yourself for a few days!

5. “Caera’s Kitchen” (that’s Caera pronounced: “Key-Air-Ah”)

Great recipes presented in a distinct chatty and personal style. Plenty of ideas here. The photography is inspiring and it shows Plant-Based is just pure joy! Seek out the hummus incorporating aquafaba or the portobello steaks by starting here.

6. Emma & Scott’s “Plant Plate”

The recipes on the Plant Plate website align to the following principles:

  • 100% Cholesterol Free
  • Low in Fat
  • Oil Free
  • Totally Vegan
  • Nutrient Rich
  • Easy and Affordable

Emma is a certified Plant-Based Nutrionist and the emphasis is on low-budget and minimally processed foods. There is a good range of international recipes.

7. Helyn Dunn’s “Helyn’s Plant-Based Kitchen – celebrating health, one bite at a time”

An amazing site from the multi-talented Helyn. Plant-Based folk looking for oil-free Indian cooking could do a lot worse than stopping by at Helyn’s Plant-Based Kitchen which includes an oil- and dairy-free take on Dal Makhani, Palak (Tofu) Paneer, Raita, Gram Flour Dosas etc.

8. Lauren Vaught’s “Edible Musings”

Good recipes and a good resumé from someone who has spent many years in the health and fitness business. Lauren is Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program graduate so with a Dr. McDougall background there should be no guesses about the vegan, oil-free, whole-food credentials of the recipes here.

9. Dana’s “Minimalist Baker”

All recipes require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare” is the claim. A great website to visit for quick, easy and tasty (mostly) oil-free vegan recipes. However, take care, the site owners are not vegan and the emphasis is more on gluten-free than oil-free.

Making it Simple Picture
Making it simple…

The site is included here because… so far meat and dairy seems to be missing and even if a recipe does include oil, it’s simple to give it a nudge in the oil-free direction. A potentially useful source of inspiration for especially gluten-intolerant Plant-Based people.

The photography is clean and there are also some useful resources on blogging, the technology used, and pointers to lessons on food photography. Check out the Minimalist Baker here.

10. Susan Voisin’s “Fat Free Vegan”

There are literally hundreds of vegan oil-free recipes here. It’s a huge recipe-dump where one can spend hours trawling for ideas and inspiration. The FAQ makes it clear what kind of recipes are included and it’s nice to see references to restricted foods i.e. those with high calorific density.

11. Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s “Post Punk Kitchen”

A highly original recipe site with an extensive recipe inventory. Forums are on the original blog site. It’s all fun and no list of whole food Plant-Based would be complete without these twin sites.

12. Dreena Burton’s “Plant-powered kitchen”

Dreena has a long vegan history and has published a number of vegan books as well as completing various other vegan projects. She delivers the oil-free whole food vegan message well and through her own family history makes the connection with the health aspect with regard to reversing heart disease. This is a thoroughly professional-looking site, and well worth a visit for recipes and other information.

13. Lindsay Nixon’s “Happy Herbivore”

We are including this on the basis that “everyone else does”. However, most recipe resources require signing up to newsletters etc. and there is a drive to take up membership to Meal Plans. If that is your incentive, then take a look at the Happy Herbivore here.

14. Will (and Bonnie’s) “Potato Strong”

This is a personal favourite. Will, together with Bonnie, has done so much to make simple oil-free vegan cookery accessible to everyone.

Will has a super-strong Youtube presence, offers so much advice there, and maintains his own website selling his Quick Start and Starch-Plus diet programs eBooks for a small fee.

If you are not acquainted with Will already, make it a mission to at least look at few of his Youtube videos. The Yukon Gold features regularly, but this is about far more than just the humble potato.

15. Jill McKeever’s “Simple Daily Recipes”

Anyone fearing that an oil-free, Plant-Based vegan diet will deprive them of those flavours they simply cannot do without – mac ‘n’ cheese, cheesy dips, cheesy toppings etc. – should definitely tune in to Jill’s Simple Daily Recipes. This is straighforward, satisfying, and wholesome food that all the family will enjoy.

Jill is of course a serious Youtuber with a huge following. Cut to the chase and see her creations right here.

16. Dave & Steve “The Happy Pear”

They shouldn’t be on this list at all, however, it simply wouldn’t be complete without them. They are extremely influential vegans really pushing the vegan message, making vegan mainstream. But they do heretically embrace their oil.

Asbestos Survey Picture
Warning! Drizzlings of oil!

However, most of the recipes are within a whisker of being oil free… it doesn’t take a genius to work around the oil problem. And just observing the flow of colours, mixtures and textures and potential flavours out there inspires us to cook and experiment.

At their website you will find a few recipes. Otherwise, hop over to Youtube and tune into their channel.

17. Natalie’s “Feasting on Fruit”

Not too many savouries here, it’s a celebration of vegan cakes, mousses, tarts, cookies, muffins. All illustrated with wonderful photography. There are ideas for non-grain and gluten free options although be prepared to make some adaptations if you are oil-free.

18. Dr. Colin T. Campbell – “Nutrition Studies”

Should be top of the list… there are some great recipes from one of the original plant based pioneers. Visit the site and see for yourself.