Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Top Vegan Cooks on Social Media

Follow the links into Youtube for a quick reference to Plant-Based cookery… and more.

1. Potato Strong – Will & Bonnie

Stodge etc.

A picture of Yukon Gold Potatoes
Those Yukon Gold Potatoes!

Potato Strong

2. The Happy Pear – Dave & Steve

Dave & Steve are living the vegan dream, growing their Happy Pear brand and having a great time in so doing.

They are identical twins and have a huge Youtube presence. They started their missing in 2004 and have been slowly growing, starting from a vegetable shop and adding a café and a farm.

Their cookery is not oil-free but it is vegan. But as always any oil recipes can usually be converted to oil-free.

The Happy Pear

3. CookingWithPlants – Anja Cass

Anja lost 50 pounds by going Plant-Based.

Anja Cass

4. Simple Daily Recipes – Jill McKeever

Good hearty family oil-free Plant-Based cuisine served up by the charismatic Jill McKeever.