Vegans support the meat and dairy industries. Beware!

This is not really news. There have been so many recent takeovers of vegan food producers by their unethical meat and dairy counterparts, many vegans will be well aware that there is a danger that by buying their favourite brands there is a danger they are contributing to meat and dairy industries.

A recent article by the Ethical Consumer has confirmed vegan suspicions – read more here. One brand that jumps right to the fore is Alpro. I see their products on the shelves every time I visit any of my local CoOp supermarkets. I have never actually bought any of their plant milk products because the ingredients have always put me off – oil, sugar, and unnecessary vitamins. But what I didn’t know: the brand ultimately belongs to Danone – a big player in the dairy market and in the peddling of questionable baby milks.

It is nice to see Oatly on the clean list though. I always buy their Oat Milk simply because it has no sunflower oil added and because it is delicious! Back to the unethical list:

  • Alpro (Groupe Danone)
  • Cauldron (Monde Nissin)
  • Linda McCartney (Hain Celestial)
  • Provamel (Groupe Danone)
  • Pure (Kerry Foods)
  • Quorn (Monde Nissin)
  • Rice Dreams (Hain Celestial)
  • Soya Soleil (Groupe Danone)
  • Swedish Glace (Unilever)
  • Vialite (Dairy Crest)

And the good brands:

Plamil, The Bridge, Good Hemp, Ecomil, Oatly (thanks! my favourite!), Sunrise, Rude Health, Isola Bio, Koko, Dragonfly, Veggies, Taifun (I love their smoked tofu!), Fry’s, Vegideli, Suma, The Booja-Booja Company, The Coconut Collaborative.

Obviously the lists are subject to change, and that’s what the vegan consumer has to be on the look out for. And as the Vegan Revolution progresses ever more diligence will be required as the unethical traditional companies attempt to add a slice of vegan-fuelled profit to their product portfolios.

Thanks to the Ethical Consumer for highlighting these issues. In future I’m going to shop with care.