Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Why build this site?

It takes a lot of time, effort and hard-earned cash to put a site like this together. Having been a bad, unhealthy and careless vegetarian for many years I had recently taken the first stept to going whole food, oil-free, plant-based (read about my conversion here). I had lost a lot of weight already. But it’s funny how a simple trip to a shop triggered a sudden urge to create a new website. To spread the word and to use as a place to jot down my notes as I continued the plant-based voyage…

Cow in rain.It was a cold, wet and miserable November day. I had vowed never to visit the place again but external forces were pushing me to go and buy a trolley load of near worthless plastic and chip-board junk for a few hundred dollars. Or Swiss Francs even, since this was the last bastion of the world’s meat and cheese eaters, the Germanic side of the Swiss nation.

Indeed, in a miserable field sandwiched between warehouses, shopping complexes and motorways and right next to the IKEA car park stood a herd of cows grazing. Once parked I headed straight up to the IKEA Restaurant for a coffee. I had a bunch of bananas with me since the IKEA I remembered was hardly the place for a plant-based, oil-free, fat-free vegan. A picture of an IKEA car park.

I eyed up the salad buffet – perhaps there was something to be had there. Trays filled with sweetcorn, some couscous stuff with chickpeas and something looking like dried tomatoes if it wasn’t actually some form of salami or ham. And lettuce. It looked desparate, but do-able.

But then something caught my eye on one of the TFT screens in the array of menu panels… a VEGAN symbol! Offered was a mixture of white pasta, chopped pumpkin, a couple of cherry tomatoes and cabbage. It looked worth a try. I would have to take a chance and hope it was low on the oil.

Unflavoured, pretty much unsalted, sitting in some lukewarm tasteless liquid with a few particles of oil floating in it. Perfect! IKEA had gone up considerably in my estimation. And proof that the plant-based vegan movement (revolution?) is slowly but surely gaining traction. Such a eureka moment in fact that I decided to put this website together and hopefully help to play a small part in the vegan movement buy paying hommage to those doctors who have bucked the trend in medical science and fought the mighty dairy, egg, and meat industry to bring health to the world: the plant-diet medical professionals. And to bring together resources to help others follow the plant-based vegan path.

And why ““?

A fat whippet? The fat whippet? Not really the right choice for a site looking to discuss plant-based, vegan food. “Dog?”… “Carnivore!” Shouts everyone. But that’s a subject for a separate post maybe. So why the odd choice of site name?

Having decide to go ahead with a new website, I needed a name. There thousands of vegan, veggie, planty sites already out there… finding a unique name was kind of challenging. “VeganSurprise”? hmm… “PlantFolk”?… no… etc. etc. etc.

And then it happened… out on my bike, zooming past the railway station pushing it hard to get through the traffic lights on green… in the corner of my eye appeared a person with an odd dog on a lead… a small barrel perched on four thin legs. It was a fat… Italian Greyhound most likely. And I thought: “Fat Whippet”! “The Fat Whippet”!

Doing domain name checking showed… was available. So I grabbed that cherished piece of cyber-space pronto! But why?

Fat whippets are rare. And they look instantly wrong. Fat labradors… standard. Boxers… fine. Whippets… absolutely not! Researching whippet stature made me realise there is a surprising similarity between fat whippets and fat people. Neither are designed to be fat. Our perception of health for fellow humans is almost, with few exceptions, thin. For whippets… thin, boney, ribs showing.

Searching the web brought in very few results for fat whippets… or greyhounds for that matter. There seems to be a nice Fat Whippet Restaurant in the far North of Scotland – the Aultbea Hotel – but not exactly serving up plant-based fayre. A couple of discussion blogs on the subject… anecdotal fragments… Do fat hounds exist at all? Someone knows a fat one… it eats ice cream. Someone owns a thin one and stuffs it with food… but it refuses to get fat. Just like people… all different, all with different metabolisms, all with different lifestyles and activity levels… difficult to generalise about any specific diet that will make them lose weight… or fatten them up.

So in that context… it is! Confusingly perfect!

A picture of a fat whippet - or greyhound perhaps.

I finally found a fat whippet!

Finally an example of a fat whippet (greyhound?) has been located: "Fat Harry". On the Pigaloo Diaries.

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