Wine spills onto the Vegan bandwagon in Veganuary 2018

It’s 2018. It’s Dry January for many (no alcohol). And in the UK at least it’s Veganuary! One month of vegan nourishment.

Wine is now getting onto the vegan bandwagon and according to The Guardian the Co-op in the UK will be expanding its range of vegan wines to 100 by the end of the year. Read more here. Co-op in the UK (and Switzerland!) has a clear vegan/vegetarian labelling policy which certainly makes it a great place to shop at. Co-op already claimed to stock a total of 130 vegetarian beers, wines and spirits as of end 2015… read about it’s Odd Wine Out, here.

This all reminds me about what a bad vegetarian I used to be before becoming vegan. I never would have thought to have checked a wine label for anything other than “Organic”. But it seems the wine industry uses a host of animal based products to process and filter wine. I no longer drink alcohol at all these days, but for those vegans and vegetarians who still do – the Co-op’s labelling policy will be appreciated. And I suspect it will be copied by other wine manufacturers and outlets.